Quick setting postcrete is a huge step forward for a multitude of trades including fencing.

Postmix is the perfect product to quickly install fence posts ready for new garden fence panels.

Gone are the days of mixing a batch of cement in a cement mixer which takes times to set up, causes a mess & is far too heavy to be lugging around.

Especially if you only need enough cement to change a couple of fence posts.

Here's where postcrete comes in.

Postcrete, or sometimes referred to as postmix, is a pre-mixed and pre-packed bag ready to use.

Standard times for postcrete to go firm is around ten to fifteen minutes - no propping up fence posts waiting for regular cement to tack off.

Postcrete has been available for a number of years, but only recently has the price been competitive enough to compare it to traditional a sand and cement mix

How to use postcrete
  1. Excavate a hole to the required depth.
  2. Position your fence post as required.
  3. Pour water into the hole until approximately half full.
  4. Pour postcrete evenly around the fence post.
  5. Tamp postcrete with a tamping stick.
  6. Check post level and tamp as required.

We keep huge stocks of postcrete, order online or get in touch with us if you would like to purchase postcrete in pallet quantities. (70 bags per pallet.)