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Winter Maintenance for Fencing

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Garden & Fencing Maintenance This Winter 

Well, we're now in the middle of winter and it's fair to say the mornings have been rather frosty of late. Whether you have been scraping your windscreen or turning up the thermostat at home, it's fair to say the cold weather is affecting us all.


Unfortunately, it doesn't end with us - your garden can really take a beating in the colder weather, here's what you should do to prepare your garden for the cold, wet and damp conditions.


Frosty Grass


Get The Jet wash Out

Cleaning any green mildew off your fence panels will help prevent moisture sitting and absorbing into the fence panels. Pressure treated fence panels are as you'd guess, pressure treated, they're the highest level of protection a fence panel can get - However, the relatively common waney edge fence panels are often dip treated and persistently absorbing water will greatly reduce the life of the fence panel. Get the jet wash out and give them a good clean.


Check Your Fence Posts

Fence posts are the backbone of your fence, it's good practice to check your fence posts from time to time. The change in weather can cause havoc with any timber product possibly causing it to shrink or warp although the chance of this reduces after a season or two.


Check your wooden fence posts are still secure by gently giving them a wobbly at the top, timber posts will have some flex naturally, but if you can see the entire post moving at the bottom then you should fill any voids with postmix or consider changing the post altogether.


Paintbrushes at the Ready

Now we know that you're probably not keen on painting in the first place, but painting your fence panels in winter? You must think we're mad! 


The thing is, when you paint a fence panel the panel absorbs the moisture from the paint rapidly, making the panel saturated. The cooler weather is an ideal time to paint because it gives your fence panels a chance to dry evenly and naturally, whereas painting in the middle of summer or a generally scorching hot day will force dry your fence panels, potentially unevenly and increases the chances of warping / splitting of the fence slats


Painting Your Fence


Clear up the leaves


Clearing the fallen leaves in your garden will not only improve the tidiness of your garden, it'll protect your lawn from being smothered and potentially killing your grass. Keeping pathways and patios clear of leaves and other tree or bush debris will also help prevent them becoming slippery and dangerous.


Keep wildlife in mind whilst clearing up leaves, a small piles of leaves and a couple of small twigs behind your garden shed will be out of sight but will provide shelter for insects and hibernating hedgehogs.


Winter Maintenance


Plan Ahead!


If you believe your fence may not last another winter, it may be an idea to think about replacing it. Winter is a good time to replace garden fencing because most flowers are out of bloom and trees and hedges are generally trimmed back already.


Replacing your garden fencing over the winter period will give you a new canvas to work to in the coming months of spring and summer. 


If you would like a quoatation for replacing some or all of your garden fencing, give us a call on 01255 425483.


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